About Jules

I’m a native Georgia girl, but you would never know by my accent. I’m much more likely to say “you guys” then “ya’ll,” and you’ll never see me with a sweet tea.

I’ve been a photographer for 7 years. I first found my love of this art while traveling in Europe with a point and shoot 35mm camera. After 20+ rolls of film, I decided that capturing life’s moments was what I was meant to do. I am a seasoned vet in the wedding industry and have shot nearly 60 weddings over the years. I also graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Fine Arts and will never forget my love of film photography during that time.

Adventure is my middle name. Actually, it’s Catherine. But I love to travel, run, and explore new things. I love finding new places to visit, and I would be happy to discuss traveling for your special day.

I love ink and want to hear all about yours! I have 14 tattoos and counting, and I firmly believe in using your personal canvas as a place for art. I love that my most precious and favorite things are now a part of me forever.

Music can always bring me out of a bad mood. I mostly listen to hard rock, metal pop-punk, and ‘80s. Don’t worry. I promise not to make any song requests at your wedding.

I’m a card-carrying nerd. I attend Dragon*Con every year in Atlanta, and I have been known to travel across the country for other conventions. I’ve been one of the official photographers for Emissaries: Galacticon since 2013. On my days off, you can find me on the couch catching up on the latest (or not so latest) episodes of Battlestar Galactica, Castle & Psych….among many more!

I love this job. I leave every session with a smile so big it hurts. If I’ve done my job right, so will you.


Me shooting 5


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