An un-traditional photographer for the bright, bold and badass

Atlanta Wedding Photographer
Who is Jules?

I am an Atlanta wedding photographer and I specialize in making un-traditional wedding and portrait images for couples and people of all kinds.

That’s right my work is bright, bold and badass – just like my clients.

I’m based in Atlanta, GA and I cover the Southeast and beyond.

“She was very cool, able to direct 2 dorks into fun, cool shots & we had a blast. Oh & she actually knows her way around the camera. The pics are cool & capture the goofy personality of me & my fiancé. Well done Jules!” Chad & Courtney

My goal is to give you not just amazing photographs, but an experience that’s above and beyond the ordinary, too.

If you are looking for a passionate, fun and experienced wedding or portrait photographer, then you’ve come to the right place. You can learn more about me, check out my gallery or get answers to some FAQ’s. If you have any questions, wanna grab a beer together, or just want to connect with me, then shoot me a message so we can chat more!

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  • It's another gorgeous wedding weekend for me and I'm so excited!! I remember not that long ago I wondered if this little business of mine would ever amount to anything and now I'm shooting some of the most awesome couples I could even imagine. It just goes to show that the ones that keep working and growing will eventually get there. #nevergiveup #keepworking #fridayinspiration

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